Week 1: English Translations of Oral Poety

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Magic Words and More More More Magic Words Inuit

Shaking the Pumpkin – Songs and Other Circumstances from the Society of Mystic Animals Seneca English Versions by Jerome Rothenberg and Richard Johnny John

Ethnopoetics – Companion to 20th C Poetry



Rothenberg’s Commentary on Horse Songs

Rothenberg’s Commentary on Five Flower World Variations

Rothenberg’s Commentary on Ceremony of Sending

Rothenberg’s Commentary on Shaking the Pumpkin – Society of the Mystic Animals

Rothenberg’s Commentary on Red Ant Way

Rothenberg’s Commentary on Magic Words and More More More Magic Words

Cokboy by Jerome Rothenberg from his collection POLAND 1931

Rothenberg’s Commentary on What the Informant Said to Franz Boas in 1920 and

Sweat-House Ritual 1 Omaha English Version by Jerome Rothenberg from Alice Fletch and Francis LaFlesche

Horse Songs of Frank Mitchell Navajo

Sweat-House Ritual 1 Omaha

from Ceremony of Sending- A Simultaneity for Twenty Choruses Osage

Five Flower World Variations Yaqui Version by Jerome Rothenberg

Naming Events Pagago

Language Event 1 Inuit

excerpt -ted-chiang-the-truth-of-fact-the-truth-of-feeling

Preface (1971) to SHAKING THE PUMPKIN by Jerome Rothenberg

Thank You Seneca trans Jerome Rothenberg and Richard Johnny John

Magic Words from Run Toward the Nightland Cherokee trans