Selections from Jerome Rothenberg’s SHAKING THE PUMPKIN

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Click on the below link to download the pdf we will be using in our Saturday discussion: 1-18-20 Selections from SHAKING THE PUMPKIN ModPo Philly JZ.pdf

Here is a slightly more extensive selection of work from the anthology, including Leslie Marmon Silko’s utterly devastating yet paradoxically empowering contemporary poem of dark magic, “The Invention of White People.” Click here to download: Current and Further selections (not intended for our meeting), from SHAKING THE PUMPKIN edited by Jerome Rothenberg — The Extended Cut.pdf”  

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Further Readings on Ethnopoetics, American Indian Poetry and Jerome Rothenberg:

Biography and Poems  at

Translation and performance:

15 Flower World Variations  Yaqui. Translated by Jerome Rothenberg

The Flight of Quetzalcoatl Aztec. Translated by Jerome Rothenberg

From A Book of Events . edited & arranged by Jerome Rothenberg

Horse SongsJerome Rothenberg(1977). Audio recording of vocal performance.  On this tape are multi-track recordings of Rothenberg singing his “total translations” based on some of the 17 “Horse Songs” in the blessingway of Frank Mitchell, a Navajo from Chinle, Arizona who lived from 1881 to 1967.

Essays and Criticism:

Total Translation: An Experiment in the Translation of American Indian Poetry  by Jerome Rothenberg

From ‘Shaking the Pumpkin Revisited: A Range of Poems from the Indian Americas’ by Jerome Rothenberg. Commentary and several selections not included in the pdfs provided above, written upon the publication of the latest edition.

Ethnopoetics at the Millenium by Jerome Rothenberg
A Talk for the Modern Language Association, December 29, 1994

American Indian Songs by Kenneth Rexroth 

The Politics of Ethnopoetics by Gary Snyder

Ethnopoetics by Dennis Tedlock

Total translation: Navajo song and the story of US modernism by Derek Furr

Video talk:  Jerome Rothenberg on Writing Through: Translation and Othering as Forms of Composition (duration 58:59) Writing and Society Research Centre, 4 August 2017.




Here are images of what is included in the pdf (excluding the footnotes).

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