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My PENNSOUND Page of audio recordings from various poetry readings during recent years.

And in electronic and/or paper print you can find:

And, in video, two from a reading, followed below by raw footage from the makings of the poem  “Making Butter.” The poem is composed of what was said by the participants during the event. Here, the video is silent.

First, from the reading…


Here’s the raw footage of Making Butter….

Making Butter  (from HEAT WAKE)

(video transcript, 2002)

Is this too much?
I think it might be easier to shake if you don’t have too much.
We’re going to give a little bit to Eric here.
Now we’re going to make some butter.
We’re going to start shaking it.
Do we have any faster music?
We need faster music, faster music.
This is a workout.
I don’t feel anything anymore.
Now, no it’s not done yet.
It’s whipped cream.
Don’t do that.
Wait can we put on faster music.
It’s getting heavy.
Oh I got the trick now.
This feels really obscene.
Zero to nothing.
I’m starting to feel it.
Should we test it?
Oh my god
Almost butter.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
It works.
It’s not butter yet.
It’s still whipped cream.
Is it butter yet?
This is getting in the way.
There is water leaking out.
It hardened and the liquid is coming out.
Now it’s getting into a solid.
I need a plastic bag.
It’s like a solid that is flipping up and down.
Oh my god, weird.
This is what it actually.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
We made butter.
Mine is really slippery.
You have to have this milky stuff.
We made butter.

I’ve saved the best for last: a video I made of my grandmother Victoria Stracquadanio making pasta, enjoy!