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Harmony Holiday and Ariana Reines: A Live Fence Reading. May 14, 2022 FENCE Magazine – Poetry Fiction Essay Other

The time is 6:51 pm, eastern daylight savings time, May 14, 2022, lull in covid, spring. The location is a non-profit library and workspace, Wendy's Subway, located at 379 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206.The speakers you will hear are Rebecca Wolff, Ariana Reines, Sade, and Harmony Holiday.  Ariana will be reading from her new manuscript-in-progress, The Rose, and Harmony will be reading from her newly published epic, Maafa, from Fence Books. Fence Sounds, a podcast, is produced by Fence Magazine, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Learn more at fenceportal.org about all the Fence Publications, which include Fence Books, Fence Magazine, Elecment, Fence Digital, Fence Steaming, and Constant Critic. Subscribe to the magazine, and purchase a book by Ariana Reines, Harmony Holiday, and other fence authors again at fenceportal.org. Thanks for listening. Support the show
  1. Harmony Holiday and Ariana Reines: A Live Fence Reading. May 14, 2022
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