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4.3 Fence Sounds–Carly Stone, Hazel White, Leah Umansky, Dominic Jaeckle FENCE Magazine – Poetry Fiction Essay Other

In this episode, Carly Stone writes about David Byrne and mental dislocation, Hazel White writes about systemic violence, Leah Umansky shows us a flame within flame, and Diamanda LaBerge Dramm reads an excerpt from 36 Exposures, by Dominic Jaeckle. With music by Taraka. 1) Welcome to Paradise LostTarakaFind out more here: https://www.taraka.org/2) The Mental Dislocation Is A Wonderful FeelingCarly Stone"This is good. You feel like your head has come off your body. Let your mind rearrange the proportions of the world. "Find the full work here: https://fenceportal.org/the-mental-dislocation-is-a-wonderful-feeling/3) This View/UncomfortableHazel Whitehttps://www.hazelwhite.com/4) Bird of OneLeah Umansky"…be scaredthen, get over it"Find the full poem here: https://fenceportal.org/bird-of-one/5) Excerpt from 36 ExposuresDominic JaeckleFind out more here: https://dominicjaeckle.com/36-Exposures6) Old Gloves, by TarakaThis episode was produced by Ashley Mayne and Jason ZuzgaSupport the show
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