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Steaming is FENCE’s online venue for important new writing–the timely literary essay of cutting opinion, the unique hybrid text, the stunning find from submissions–all of which will be published here on a frequent rolling basis. [Along with occasional selections from the print magazine??]


“In April everyone involved in, or touched by, independent publishing saw a flare go up: Small Press Distribution launched a GoFundMe. SPD is looking for $100,000 to help cover its losses during the covid-19 crisis […]

EXCERT FROM BIOCEREMONIALS By Nick Kapsa Vare | May 9, 2020

Oonseentia. I go out into the city and find a tulip tree, the tallest tree I can find, the tree called oonseentia by the peoples native to this land, the tree these native peoples use to build their canoes. I intend to build a canoe of my own. I wait for lightning to strike and […]

SIXTY-SIX DRESSES I HAVE READ By Danielle Dutton | May 10, 2020

“This dress I am wearing in this black-and-white photograph, taken when I was two years old, was a yellow dress made of cotton poplin (a fabric with a slightly unsmooth texture first manufactured in the French town of Avignon and brought to England by the Huguenots, but I could not have known that at the time), and it was made for me by my mother […]

EXCERPT FROM WHORL By Cort Day | May 18, 2020

“The headache is the limit, the circle, the disk. The black horizon. Sometimes it’s a dull, red glow, soft latitudes of pain. Or a field of searing, orange craters. They burst open through the dark. Or, with a gentler hurt: tall, blowing vanes of magnetized color. Sometimes it’s still. Maybe then, it sleeps […]


Biannual long-casts include most of the works published in the current issue of the journal. Read along with the writers enfolded by diverse soundscapes. Shorter episodes will feature poets of FENCE books.


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