I’ve worked in various editorial capacities, at Ballantine Books, A.A.Knopf, and at Fence as Nonfiction/Other Editor and also a freelancer.  Working on publications has been a life-long pursuit.

Independently, I have worked on several projects:

As well, from my ongoing tenure as Nonfiction/Other editor of Fence, a number of pieces that I’ve personally selected and edited are available online to subscribers.

At Knopf, pre-YouTube, I oversaw the day-to-day running of the Knopf website, the then new The Borzoi Reader Online (circa 2001), and the creation of multimedia features for the site about upcoming books, working closely and directly with the authors and their editors. The imprint-specific design since replaced by automatic PenguinRandomHouse catalog pages.  Some of these ancient “author desktop” pages, however, still exist in their own haunted realm: