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How Students Can Write Excellent Assignment for College


College assignments are not as easy as they look for students. They can be challenging and eventually becomes a nuisance if a deadline is hovering over you. To ease your inconvenience, we are here with some best advice on how you can do assignment writing with perfection.

The plan

In order to construct a perfect assignment, the first and foremost thing to do is prepare a plan of action. When a teacher gives you assignments, be sure to listen to them with your eyes and ears open. They might be explaining it on the board, or they might just be explaining it to you verbally. The point is to listen or watch them with a clear head so that it might be easy for you to remember the important points they told you for the help of your assignment. Usually, every teacher tells the weightage of marks on the work assigned to students. However, if your teacher misses out on this, it would be wise to stop them and ask if the task they assigned holds a significant amount of marks which could matter in your finals. This act can also help you in deciding how much time should be allotted to your work. The marking scheme is of great essence in assignments. The marking schedule tells you a lot about what your teacher is looking for in a paper. For example, your teacher assigns you to write a resume for a job. Now, writing a resume is easy, but you have to make it unique. So the marking schedule can help you in this by telling what kind of content you need to add in your essay which the teacher desires to see. For instance, your skills or even hobbies! However, if you are assigned to write an essay, order it from Although if you do, consider yourself lucky as it increases your chances of acing your work.

Consider the questions

How to do assignment? A question widely asked by the teens over the internet. In my opinion, before committing to do anything, analyse the situation or in this case, the questions. Remember, don’t just start writing your assignment on a yellow page. Firstly read the whole question and keep reading it until you know what the question is specifically asking you. If you have read the question several times and still cannot figure out what it asks, try using a different method. For instance, the rule of four W’s:

  • What is the heading?
  • What is the question implying?
  • What does the question require?
  • What do I know about it?

Many people use the method of rewriting the questions using their own words to help make them understand. You can try this technique out as well if you think it will help you. After you start to understand the questions but still find yourself in doubt, try finding indicational words that you think are trying to lead you to something or are important, for instance, in comparison to or in contrast to this. Several times students can’t understand the question because of its complicated English. You can always look up and find synonyms of such words in order to ease your understanding process. The last thing you need to check in the question is the words that limit you to a certain area of the topic. These words can be of great help as they can restrict your boundary around a certain topic you read about. This helps you in giving concise and useful answers.

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