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What is Blackberry?


What is?


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Blackberry tools or devices are smart phones planned by Canadian company RIM. They are familiar by their aptitude to send and receive emails and direct messaging feature. The smart phones from Blackberry assist user’s position significant data from wherever anytime. It helps in developing an app best mobile commerce solutions and helps you bring together your workforce and maximize production. The key benefit of applying Blackberry is to place and post workers, manage work orders, and observe material merchandise by adding new and better applications, such as GPS and point based services. Blackberry apps can be build on any platform that allows Java development.


Blackberry Application Development:


Blackberry Developers are able to make use of the BlackBerry Java application Development Environment or BlackBerry Java Plug-in for conceal to produce and check testing software BlackBerry Java applications for BlackBerry devices. It maintains two application models.


  • Custom Java applications authorize programmers for creating customized user interfaces, navigation, and allow content further than graphics and text.
  • The browser-based model approves developers to pressure on creating back-end content in a standard markup language, in addition to the Wireless Markup Language (WML) or the solid Hypertext Markup Language (cHTML).


BlackBerry Development Services approach with a whole deposit of APIs and tools that permit you to put up custom Java-based applications.


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Technologies on which BlackBerry works:


  • Languages:J2SE
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Blackberry
  • Tools: Simulators and BB JDEs
  • GUI: GUI APIs.
  • Databases: SQLite, BB Persistence store.


We have a established track of our technical proficiency in developing many BlackBerry applications.


Why Your Company Needs Mobile Application


Today mobile phones are used for not just sending text messages and making voice calls. Mobile phone is the most frequently used electronic device in our daily lives. With our smartphones we listen to music, browse Internet, purchase goods, navigate, play, etc. Our mobiles phones have become digital assistants that complement our daily activities performed on the go.


Mobile Internet is growing and smartphones will soon become a primary searching tool. Majority of purchase searches are already done with mobile phones including location-based searches info about software development company. People tend to spend more time with mobile phones rather than with newspapers or magazines or any other electronic device.


Every day smartphones users download millions of apps from App Store, Android  Market, Blackberry App World, etc. According to Deloitte report almost half of smartphone users download a new app each week and by the end of 2020 app market revenue hit 15 billion USD. No wonder this month App Store boasted 25 billion app downloads.


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Surely it would be a mistake to ignore a huge army of mobile users while promoting and branding company services and products. This is logical for businesses to create apps that would be yet another means of communication and interaction between the brand and the user in it company. After all apps are the best way to provide information and transaction capabilities on the go. Clients can access your company’s content, news, and product information anywhere anytime.


Mobile app allows companies to have more involved brand experience. Via mobile apps your brand engages with your clients or potential buyers directly. Mobile apps can help build community around your product by connecting all the social networking services into a single app and create buzz around your brand thus attracting more users and potential customers.


Mobile app is a two-way communication. You can alert users about promotions and product news with push notification messages that instantly appear on their screens and facilitate a specific behavior. Alternatively companies can put survey forms, gather customer’s feedback and improve their services.


Furthermore with mobile app you can reach target audience in a specific time span and location. The mobile apps can show content relevant to a specific location. People are more inclined to receive location-based coupons rather than view traditional ADs.


But is it worth developing a native app or perhaps just an optimized mobile website would suffice? On the one hand the cost of developing a native mobile application could be fairly high particularly when considering development for multiple platforms where each app development should be developed from scratch. On the other hand native mobile applications provide far better user experience than mobile websites. The latter do not engage users with content as much as native apps do.


Furthermore it is hard to charge for the web app or make it generate income since they cannot be integrated with App Store or Android Market. Alternative would be creating your own payment solutions but that will require significant investment.


Whether the company chooses mobile website or native app going mobile will definitely help build loyalty around their products. The services or content of the company can be wrapped into a mobile context and provide significant value to their clients. Mobile apps give a feature-rich user experience and build customer loyalty in a unique and interactive way.


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