Heat Wake in China!

Hi, Professor,
How are you? This is Keith Lehman. I sat in on your Uncanny class a couple of semesters back. I’m currently working at a foreign language university in China (it sounds more glamorous than it is), and another teacher has started a literary salon, at which we are supposed to share poetry we’ve either written or enjoyed in our various native languages. I thought it would be interesting to bring in a poem of yours to share with everyone because A. it’s a different perspective and style than most of the stuff my students have access to, and B. I’ve studied with you and that will make me look cool. The problem is, I left my copy of Heat Wake at home. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sending me the text of “Elegy” (which is the one that ends “I love you. I do. I love you.”, correct?) because that one stuck with me the most. Thank you either way.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Hi Keith –

So great to hear from you and to hear of your support of HEAT WAKE!  That poem is actually online.
You can find poems here: https://jasonzuzga.com/poetry/
and “Elegy” – the poem you are looking for – is specifically here if you scroll down: http://chax.org/eoagh/issue3/issuethree/zuzga.html
I hope all’s well in China!!
All best, Jason

The literary salon was this weekend and I wanted to thank you and let you know that “Elegy” was a huge success. It sparked a huge discussion, first about what it is that you meant (including an argument) and also about homosexuality, which is something of a taboo topic even at the university level. The discussion surrounding “Elegy” was the longest of any poem that was read that evening. As I said, your poetry is not the kind of stuff they usually have access to so I think it was really appreciated (except for one student who was uncomfortable, probably for the same reason the others were excited). Thank you for taking the time to send me it.

All is very well in China. Hope all’s well in Philly, as well.

Thanks again,

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