New Review of HEAT WAKE

Very happy to read this in-depth review by Christopher Nelson Bowcutt:


“…Zuzga shows us that behind the hallucinatory hides truths we don’t know yet. (Remember, the Fool is the smartest person in the room.) In “Lullaby” he writes, “Watcher, companion / as the final solar storms begin. / There is a house inside your medulla oblongata. / There, retract now and reduce.” Comical and sometimes metaphysical, Zuzga deftly employs conceits to illustrate difficult truths. My new favorite simile is in “Brother Poem,” where ambulance men carry the speaker’s ill father across the front yard in a wheelchair “like C3PO mistaken / for an Ewok god.” The loss of the father, the complexities of time and love—traditional lyric concerns woven together with iconic images from pop culture create a world deeply felt and wonderfully habitable.”

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